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Janelle Meyer


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Jesus lover. Orphan advocate. Travel lover. Physical Therapist. Noonday Collection Ambassador. Adoption Advocate. Laughing is the best.

My name is Janelle and I love getting to know people and their stories. I am a physical therapist who loves people because Christ loves me. I grew up in California but have lived across the United States in Boston, Washington, Idaho, Texas, and am now back in California. I have made lasting friendships at each home with people who are very dear to me. Building friendships, being in community, knowing others, and being known is so important to each of us as we walk through this journey of life together. Noonday brings people together at every step in the process, in which people are known, loved, and valued. Noonday allows new friendships to be made, strengthens old friendships, and brings people together worldwide. Feel free to shop, ask questions, or host a trunk show yourself! I would love for you to join my Noonday community, as a customer, hostess, or ambassador!

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